Technical Directions, Inc. is a global corporation focused on innovation. We engineer effective food protection solutions for every client’s unique challenges.

On-Site Training

TDI offers on-site training programs intended to educate employees on proper protocol for internal inspections.


TDI offers phone consultations to clients worldwide, advising in the areas of documentation review, FDA standards, products, and services for operation and quality management.

Simulated Food &
Drug Inspections

TDI’s simulated food and drug inspections test for foreign materials, microbes, pathogens, and pest activity in an effort to prevent customer complaints, ensuring products are up to government standards.

Pest Management

TDI provides a number of unique services designed to assist pest control programs, in quality data capture.


Food Protection Solutions

Pest Activity Trending (PAT)

PAT is a proprietary predictive analytics solution from Technical Directions, Inc. designed to track pest activity trends and allow preventive pest control, along with verification of continuous improvement. PAT is an all-in-one proactive and corrective service to reduce your risk of regulatory or consumer complaints and is a Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant solution.

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Technical Directions, Inc. is headquartered in Decatur, Alabama.

We provide services to partners in the United States and around the world.



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